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Ask and ye shall receive. Dirty.


:07 - Or don’t fasten it and wear the life vest instead.

:11 - Ali is soooo stoked. Jill is confused.

:13 - Oh, I forgot you were invited.

:16 - “Excuse me, ma’am, do you have headphones worthy of my cranium?” - Abby Wambach.

:20 - It’s a Women’s World Cup year? Who knew?

:30 - Justin Bieber was on their flight!

:31 - Hi, Lori!

:32 - Alex, you look…puffy. Kelley, you look perfect.

1:15 - Oh, is Morgs still talking?

1:20 - Pinoe and Hope walk through a door…there’s a punchline coming, I’m sure.

1:26 - Really? Speakers? Not like, your gloves?

1:35 - You look like an elf.

1:41 - Still reminding us that you’re there, Mittsy?

1:44 - The baggage handlers saw your hair and threw your luggage out in fear.

1:46 - This was going so well. Then…Carli.

1:50 - You’re stoned, Tobin. Stoned.


2:23 - After seeing it three times, I now know “Ausgang” means “Exit” in German.

2:34 - Tobin the photo (video?) bomber.

2:50 - A deal? Like, ARod, do you iron her undies for her?

3:05 - Do you have the munchies?

3:23 - No, don’t sing.

3:36 - Did you share a little puff puff with Tobs?

3:40 - Loyden! Hair! What?


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Blogentary for WNT Blog “Short and Sweet”

  1. Something entitled “Short and Sweet” could easily be about me. This was not.
  2. Ashlyn Harris sweats where her angel wings attach to her back. How sweet is that? There’s a (hot) mess going down on the right side of this photo.
  3. Rapinew, Little Bit, and um..did Buehler have a funny name? Also, if those bottles had hairstyles they’d be Sticky Uppy, Biebs, and Ginger.
  4. Three Stooges on the right. Awesomeness on the left.

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