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My USWNT Blogentary

The ladies are in Cancun. It has been told to us by the all knowing USWNT Blog. See, if you click right there, where it says “USWNT Blog” you can read it yourself. And you should.

Here’s my blogentary - which is blog + commentary, not blog + dysentery. Which really ladies, it’s Mexico so be careful. No ice in the drinks. Bottled water only. Actually, just stick to tequila. I digress…

  1. Pinoe + A-Rod + Mexican Food = Adorbs. Like hiiiiiii.
  2. Anyone in the world named Ali Krieger not joining the USWNT from Germany is probably jealous. Or confused as to why I keep sending them love letters.
  3. Is the insinuation that they have a lot of shit cuz they’re girls? I hope not.
  4. YES! Games will be webcast. That’s a gem you shouldn’t bury in your blog, USWNT.
  5. I actually doubt that’s what Becks and LorLinds said. But fine.
  6. The better part of that picture is the dude tooootes checking out A-Rod, who seems to wheel luggage like a pro.

The end.

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Oh, so cameras were allowed in to Kennesaw. Who knew. Please note Lori Lindsey at the 14 second mark, skipping and high-fiving. Please also note Megan Rapinoe being awesome throughout, however, pay particular attention to her celebration commencing at 1:36. And finally, HAO’s goal at around 2:19 is pretty damn fun.

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