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Blogentary for WNT Blog “Short and Sweet”

  1. Something entitled “Short and Sweet” could easily be about me. This was not.
  2. Ashlyn Harris sweats where her angel wings attach to her back. How sweet is that? There’s a (hot) mess going down on the right side of this photo.
  3. Rapinew, Little Bit, and um..did Buehler have a funny name? Also, if those bottles had hairstyles they’d be Sticky Uppy, Biebs, and Ginger.
  4. Three Stooges on the right. Awesomeness on the left.

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Yes, it’s Blogentary time!

  1. Megan Rapinoe. The cape is invisible, but never fear, it’s there.
  2. Hey, LeBiebs, is Abby kissing your head? That’s disconcerting.
  3. Abs, you look like you’re chilling on the beach. And is that a HAO face? I’m never sure.
  4. That legit probs hurt. But also, is that a watch tan on your right wrist, ma’am? I thought I was the only person that had that.

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